With this revolutionized seat coating for leather and fabric, it protects your seats for 3 years

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Protection Over Actual Damage

Water Based Interior Coat

Seat Coating protects from wear, scratches and dirt

Did you know that there are dirt that are impossible to remove?
With this revolutionized seat coating for leather and fabric, it protects your seats for 3 years!
The car seat is filthy as you can imagine. With the leather seats, the usual problems comes from color transfer from denim and hair color, and certain scratches from frequent friction. Also with fabric seats, the seat coating protects it against stains caused by spilled beverages. This also prevents the seats from discoloration brought by sebum and sweat.

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Our coating uses a unique a “two-component coating protection method” that allows the coating to penetrate soft materials such as leather and fabric. This is a revolutionized new coating agent. It has anti-fouling and shock absorption abilities that does not only protects the leather or fabric from dirt but also from wear and bacteria.

Originally developed as a special coating that protects leather and fabrics from dirt

The texture of leather & fabric aren’t altered after application

Long-term protection against dirt

Makes the leather and fabric easier to clean & maintain


1. The film-like thin film formed on the leather surface prevents the penetration of color transfer by denim and leather belts.

2. By closing the deep wrinkles on the leather surface, buttons and metal fittings are less likely to get caught, and the leather can be protected from scratches and damage.



1. Since the coating is attached to even one fiber, it keeps dirt from coffee and beverages away. It also has an antibacterial effect and can be used with confidence in terms of hygiene.

2. All fibers are coated to keep out powdery stains such as dust. Therefore, the dark stains caused by them can be greatly suppressed.


Leather Coating

Has Soft Protective Film for Leather Coating

Coats leather products with astounding antifouling performance & protection

Prevents color transfer of leather belts and denim

The blue of denim and the black of leather belts, which are so-called dyes has the tendency of transferring color to the leather seats.
If left uncleaned, it will penetrate and will be difficult to remove.


Prevents darkening and scratches caused by metal, etc.

The higher the quality of leather, the more vulnerable it is to scratches and damage. Commonly due to metal fittings such as seat belts and buttons. Thus, small scratches become inevitable.


Fabric Coating

Has Soft Protective Film for Fabric Coating

Coats each fiber to protect the fabric from stains

Water resistant to prevent stains from coffee and other beverages spills

When beverage stains are left uncleaned, it will penetrate into the fabric fibers causing it harder to remove in the future. Futhermore, it will be prone to germ propagation causing unpleasant odor inside your vehicle.


Prevents dirt and discoloration brought by dust and sebum

The fabric sheet may become dusty and damp plus sebum and sweat from passengers may cause wear. This may cause discoloration as these impurities become imprinted on the fiber.



Passed 10,000 friction tests

Our coating has been proven to be effective and can go beyond 10,000 friction tests.

With a coated car seat, even if you get on and off the seat and apply friction to the coated area 10 times a day, the protection is estimated to last up to 3 years(10 times x 365 days x 3 years = 10950 times).
The coating keeps the fabric and leather a long lasting protection making it look brand new.
After 3 years, simply clean it with a special cleaner and recoat it. Same goes with the antifouling effect, it will last up to 3 years.


Two-component coating agent and coating protection method

Patent number 特許第6033974
Manufacturer 佐々木 博司
Application Number 特願2016-007116
Filing Dat January 18, 2016
Registration Date November 4, 2016

Cleaning agent for leather products

Patent number 特許第6249431号
Manufacturer 佐々木 博司
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Filing Date May 31, 2017
Registration Date December 1, 2017


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